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2014 SAG Awards x

ive come out of renner fandom retirement after seeing american hustle last night

bless you david o russell


Inside Critics Choice Awards 2014


What a great cast!

American Hustle (2013)

*NEW* First look at David O’Russell’s film ‘American Hustle’

Random screencaps of Jeremy Renner, P23/?

Random screencaps of Jeremy Renner, P23/?

Anonymous said:
About your letter, have you heard of ONE DIRECTION OR JUSTIN BIEBER FANS???? Talk about stalkerish

heck yeah dude i totally agree 

i-have-decided-on-this-url-deac said:
I do kind of agree with you on the whole sexual objectifying thing, but where's the interview about gun possession? Can I see the link?


and some valuable insight




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