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I’ve received emails about someone attempting to hack into both this blog and my renner blogging email address. That’s really weird, and I’m removing the blog’s email address. I’m not even an active fandom blogger (being in school and all) Whoever did it, I got an ip address and location so please stop  : )

i’m using my personal exclusively now and I occasionally post renner and avengers x 

2014 SAG Awards x

ive come out of renner fandom retirement after seeing american hustle last night

bless you david o russell


Inside Critics Choice Awards 2014


What a great cast!

American Hustle (2013)

*NEW* First look at David O’Russell’s film ‘American Hustle’

Random screencaps of Jeremy Renner, P23/?

Random screencaps of Jeremy Renner, P23/?

Anonymous said:
About your letter, have you heard of ONE DIRECTION OR JUSTIN BIEBER FANS???? Talk about stalkerish

heck yeah dude i totally agree 

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